Animal Road Signs Snap

The last post introduced the road signs snap we played on our road trip. Animal Road Signs Snap notches it up a level because photographing animals is generally more challenging…unless you are in Yellowstone National Park!

It’s hard to tell if this cow goes with this picture,

 or this picture.

What is disconcerting is the number of road signs in the US that have bullet holes in them.

At least this one was spared.

So does this sign match up with this animal?


Or this one?


Either way, I was thrilled to get this little pronghorn!

Getting a picture of a bison in Yellowstone is as easy as tripping over a bump on the road.

So easy in fact, that the shot of the animal is less blurred than the inanimate sign? What’s that all about?

I’m thinking I deserve extra credit of a shot that’s exactly like the sign…lights, blurriness, action!


Okay, still not as blurry as the sign…

Love this guy.

This majestic old king is simply beautiful.

 But the devil is in the detail…

And here he is with his harem!

And finally a very special one from our 2007 trip to Spitzbergen in the Arctic Ocean.

We were told that the signage convention required that the animal, regardless of its color, be in black, the background in white, with the red trim. When they did that, people kept asking, “Do you have black bears as well as polar bears?” So to avoid confusion, and since they had no black bears, they broke with convention and made these signs. I think it conveys the message very clearly, “Warning, polar bears nearby.”

And indeed there were!

Sorry about the quality of the photo, but I hope you’ll understand why we didn’t want to get too close!
 Byddi Lee

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  1. Haha i had fun reading it through. Those are wonderful shots. But it is maybe a lot better that those holding the guns shoot the signs instead of the live ones.

  2. Yes you are so right Andrea! Better to shot the signs!

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