Seeing the signs

No, this is not a post about the drought here in California. Though it should be!

No, I’m not going to bang on about carbon emissions and climate change. If you believe  in that sort of thing (Que sarcastic snigger.)

Nope – this is a blog post about signs…the signs we saw on our recent epic road trip. Hopefully, just something to amuse you over the weekend.

I’m still not finished sorting through all the photos we took – more than 2000. That’s a frequency of taking a photo every 2 miles we traveled!

So here’s just a wee snippet of those that made us raise an eyebrow, spark a smile and laugh out loud at times.

We wondered if the speed limit applied to the alien space ships too?

This might only mean something to the Irish readers but hey, it nice to know where all the muckers live. For my non-Irish readers – “Mucker” is a term of endearment. If you say someone is your mucker it means they are a really good friend of yours. Not sure where the term comes from. Perhaps one of my writing muckers will know!

This photo is a 2 for 1. Look closely at the sign below. Seems quite sinister…I wonder do the muckers help you to dispose of your boss? Seems kind of extreme…

Good job we’re in a plug-in Prius hybrid! How far to the next electrical socket?

Seriously, take a closer look at the name of this Motel. It’s bad when they admit it up front! (Sorry you may need to click on the photo to make out the sign.)

I don’t we need to worry about passing anyone anywhere on this road! I think they put up these signs to stop the locals (or should that be the local – as in singular) from getting lonely.

Picnic benches beside tippy-over looking trees? Drunk trees? Is it a picnic bench or a weirdly fonted “A”. And what on earth caused that damage to the arrow but not the rest of the sign. Apologies for the blurred image – this was a drive by – Ohhh, maybe that’s what happened the sign…

Perhaps whatever did the damage to the sign is in this room?

I hope they are better at parking than they are at driving past signs!

We started a new road trip game too – match the sign with the real thing. I’m saving that post for next week. Despite how much we searched we never did find the match for the “self parking” sign ,so it didn’t make the cut for the next post!

Byddi Lee

4 replies to Seeing the signs

  1. Definition of "mucker", American style: a person who removes dirt and waste, especially from stables. Given the location and the pick and shovel, I'd guess that these muckers were associated with mining

  2. I'm fairly sure the irish style muckers comes from 'mo chara' meaning 'my friend'

  3. Oh yes! That makes sense. Thanks for sharing that.

  4. Yes – it is a big mining town. Thanks for commenting.

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