Singapore Chronicles – The Final Roundup

The thing about Singapore was that there was always something to see and someone lovely to chat to! So many thank-yous are due to our friends who live here, in particular to Bryce, Seema and Soo Teck. You made our experience of your home city a much richer experience and I look forward to returning the favor someday soon.

As I browsed the photos, I realized that many did not fit into any of the posts I had written but did deserve a mention – like the presence of so many beautiful flowers everywhere.

The shape of this flower was reflected in the architecture of this building – the Science Art Museum.

Nature seemed to be the inspiration behind a lot of design, as evidenced by the double helix bridge – DNA on a massive scale!

Then there’s the Merlion watching over the city.

A pink porsche! That is all…

Some jobs are scary, like being a window-washer in this city!

And what about this monitor lizard we found at the Botanic gardens…

No matter where we seemed to be in this amazing city, we would look up and see our favorite restaurant at the top of the Marina Bay Sands…

…second favorite actually – it was hard to beat Seema’s cooking even though she always claimed her delicious meals were “just something light!”

We are lucky people to have such good family, and friends who feel like family, in so many beautiful and intriguing places on this planet.

Byddi Lee

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  1. It looks visually stunning there!

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