Goodbye Paris

Point Zero the centre of Paris

We had a beautiful weather for our last-weekend in Paris – it was like the city was saying, “Don’t go!” I wanted to photograph everything, remember every tiny detail and store it away for a time I might need it. I’d felt like that leaving my garden in California too, staring at our view, drinking as much of it in as I could but I never had returned to those soaked up memories since, and I’m hoping when I get to Armagh I’ll be the same way.

We decided to go to the Picasso Museum

The best part of this museum is the building –  Hôtel Salé (not really a hotel like the  Hôtel de Ville!) 


Of the five floors, only three were open.


It was a bit annoying because they charged the same for the tickets in, but it’s actually not that pricey so probably no need to complain. The basement was a dead loss – very little art and mostly boards on the walls with writing about Picasso. Random disjointed factoids – you’d do better on Wikipedia.


Upstairs there was more art on display but a lot of white space. 

An entire wall was black and white photos of Picasso working in his studio; a bit repetitive and not that interesting – a dire lack of painting when the signage keeps reminding what a prolific artist Picasso was! But we enjoyed what we did see.

And the coffee shop was nice.

After the museum, we wandered the streets – with me taking photos of absolutely everything – just in case I might forget even one second of the amazing experience that living in Paris is. 

A Rather Large Collection of Random Paris Photos

Some as a video:
Or if you want to puruse the photos at your own leisure:

Naked Ping-pong player!

Byddi Lee