Presenting Rejuvenation Book 2 The Second Book in The Rejuvenation Trilogy

I hope this finds you well during these strange times. 2020 has been a notable period in history and between the COVID 19 pandemic and murder hornets, it proves that real life is stranger than fiction! Not to be outdone, The Rejuvenation Trilogy is proving to pack quite the punch, while still giving readers an enjoyable, and at times, a heart-stopping break from reality.

Reviewers of Rejuvenation Book 1, published by Castrum Press at the beginning of lockdown, describe the book as “a gripping read” with a “world of biotech and environmental collapse that is both engaging and unsettlingly familiar.” If you’ve already read it and would like to add a review here’s the link

Despite being categorized as Science Fiction, the book has pulled in readers who would not normally be fans of the genre with its solid character building, creativity and imagination. The book set in a not-too-distant future, tells the story of Bobbie Chan, a doctor caring for the ultra-elderly who notices a new disease afflicting her patients showing signs of age reversal. As the ‘Rejuvenees’ get younger, they also become uncontrollably aggressive. Bobbie races against time to rescue the Rejuvenees and uncover the true enemy.

Rejuvenation Book 1 is a white knuckle ride that leaves readers calling for more.

That “more” is now available both on Kindle and in paperback as Rejuvenation Book 2, (Castrum Press).

Fans of the trilogy are not disappointed, with reviewers saying, “This second instalment of Rejuvenation is as thrilling as the first.”

“It begins in the middle of the action and maintains pace through each chapter.”

“As the drama develops, Byddi’s ability to make us experience the journey of the character will give you goosebumps and have you holding your breath. Builds to a mind-blowing cliff hanger at the end …” High praise indeed from amazing local writer, Cathy Carson.

Usually, I would offer a free first chapter, but I am afraid of giving away anything and spoiling Rejuvenation Book One for anyone who hasn’t yet read that. However, if you have read the first book (thanks for reading) and would to check out the beginning of  Rejuvenation Book 2, please feel free to peruse the ‘Look Inside’ feature on Amazon. I always recommend this as a way of determining if a book is for you. It’s like the cyber equivalent of browsing in a bookstore, but without the hushed tones and the lovely smell of books. Still, you can download samples to your kindle and read them at your leisure for free.

For those of you without Kindles readers, you can read on your computer and order the paperback if you enjoy the free sample. 

In Other News…

Rejuvenation Book 2 is the fourth book I have been involved in that has been published during the pandemic. In June 2020, I had a short story published in the Women Aloud NI anthology North Star.

And of course there was The Bramley Volume 2 – An Anthology of Flash Fiction Armagh which was released in May 2020.

And Finally…

The pandemic has been a strange time for all of us, but I’ve been lucky to have had creative ways to distract myself. It’s been disappointing to have had to cancel the launches and books signings for the first two books in the Rejuvenation Trilogy, but hopefully, when the third book is published, we can have a big celebration.

Thankfully, Rejuvenation Book 3 is imminent, judging by the reviews so far, many “can’t wait” to see what happens to Dr Bobbie Chan and her friends.

I’d be extremely grateful if you’d leave a review for Rejuvenation Book Two when you’ve read it. Reviews really help to support the author and promote the book – especially in these challenging times.

Thank you

Byddi Lee