Toe-may-toe, Ta-ma-toe!

I’ve got piles!  Piles of cherry tomatoes in the back garden…

And STILL piles of wood chips in the driveway.

Both piles are getting smaller, and I noticed that the wood chips are getting a lot of attention from new wildlife.  I spotted a few of these giant green bugs; hard to miss since their buzz is as loud as that of a Boeing 747!

I don’t know what it is, and I really hope it’s not some wood-boring beetle that will eat my house.  (They have fierce scary bugs here in California.!)  If you know what it is please leave a comment.

I’ve still been searching craigslist and freecycle for free stuff for the garden.  This week, I procured ten Nile Lilies, which I shared with Laurie, and three white plastic garden trellises, approximately 2’X3′.  These I didn’t share.  I think I’ll use them for sweet pea along the back fence next year, but I’ll give Laurie flowers from them!

The old British English vs US English thing raised its ugly head again as I was scouring these websites.  So often I’d see adverts for free rocks and enthusiastically I’d note click on the link, imagining lovely big massive rocks that would look wonderful in my garden, only to find a  a pile of pebbles!  So, Americans please take note, rocks are anything bigger than a football (either kind of football – funny shaped or not!), stones (you guys do know this word, but you tend to turn it into a verb!) are anything smaller than a football and bigger than a tennis ball base ball.  Pebbles are anything smaller.

While we’re at it, I noticed a thing with furniture description.  Excited that there were free dressers on the go, I was disappointed not to find something that looks like this…

Anything with out the shelves is simply a a chest of drawers, a set of cupboards or a combination of both.  A mirror instead of the shelves makes it is a dressing table!

Anyways, now that I have that off my chest, it’s time for another session in the gym.  I’ve been doing an hour a day, minimum, and I have to say I think it’s paying off.  My barrow pushing skills are much better. I think it should be an Olympic sport.  On top of that, I’m feeling more toned, and I think I’ve got much better muscle definition – what do you think?


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  1. Wow, what a nice harvest of cherry tomatoes. What did you do with all those tomatoes? I love that you are getting all this free stuff! Especially the woodchips. Nice!! not sure of the bugs, looks scary to me.

  2. I think your tan is a little uneven…O_O


    I had a post awhile back called 'Holy Crape' about the differences in words people have for things around the world. When I moved to the US (which is right next door to Canada!)I was amazed by how many things we say differently. In Canada, a toboggan is a sled, here it's a winter hat O_O Weird.

  3. Don't you worry, the bug is quite harmless for wood. It is one of the Scarabaeid Beetles (Scarabaeidea/Coleoptera) probbably some of the genus Potosia.

  4. Thanks Kalipso, and thank you for following me – I had a look at your blog. Very nice! So informative and the photos are great. I'm excited to have a follower from Croatia!

  5. That's a good haul of tomatoes! I bet they disappear fast! Mine sure do! Craigslist is awesome for free stuff! I get frustrated by the descriptions too though. Often I find 'Boulder!' only to see in the picture that they are not much bigger than a baseball. Still, free rocks!

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