The Eco Gardening Coach

Finally, after months of paperwork, brainstorming with friends on names, layouts and color-schemes, I’m ready to present my new business enterprise – The Eco Gardening Coach.  I even have my own domain name and website – Here’s a glimpse of what the website looks like, and if you click on it you can explore it further.

My target client lives in Santa Clara County and wants to learn how to garden sustainably. They may have a project in mind, might want to simply move away from using so many chemicals in the garden or might never have gardened before but wants to learn how grow their own food.

I can guide clients through lawn conversions to native plant, low water, low maintenance gardens. Provide ideas for those tricky spots in the yard – a fresh pair of eyes can see a problem from a totally different angle – and then I’ll devise an action plan for implementing those ideas.

The client will receive a folder with to-do lists and charts especially tailored to their gardening needs. I even draw up a shopping list, and if needed, accompany the client to the Garden Center/Nursery as their personal shopper.

I can teach the client about seed saving, composting, pest management and organic practice to achieve not just a healthy garden but contribute to a healthier planet for future generations.

I can even design a program especially for children that teaches them about where their food comes from and get them started on their very own vegetable patch or flower bed.

After the first visit with my clients, they will be motivated and enthusiastic about their garden.

So if you live in or near Santa Clara County and would like your very own Eco Gardening Coach, contact me, so we can get growing!

Byddi Lee

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  1. Congratulations on your new endeavour. I read your bio and you are indeed qualified. I am sure you will be a smashing success. Valerie

  2. Congratulations on your new business enterprise!!! Wishing you loads of success 🙂

    Barrina xx

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