Street Strangers – Flash Fiction Saturday Night at the Museum Presents…

In keeping with the theme of Flash Fiction Saturday Night at the Museum, I’ve included a photo of a very random ‘Street Stranger’.

I met this rooster walking down the street during the week. What made it more bizarre is that he followed me to my reflexology appointment with the wonderful KW Mind Body Sole. He watched me through the window for the duration of the treatment, waited by the door for me to leave and then continued to follow me, keeping just out of reach every time I tried to catch him. I was being stalked by a rooster!  

Worried he might get attacked by the neighbourhood cats,  I ‘walked’ him back to his owner’s house, and all was well… for that bird. However, I did go straight from there to McAnerney’s Supermarket to buy one of their delicious cooked chickens…

So back to Flash Fiction Armagh…We had a fabulous response to the call for submissions for Flash Fiction Saturday Night at the Museum. It’s always a pleasure and a privilege to read these wonderful stories.

 The high standard of writing gave us some difficulty making our final selection, but we are delighted to present the following writers at our Flash Fiction Saturday Night at the Museum on 12th February 2022 at 7pm.

 In no particular order, congratulations to:

Paul Hamilton, The Kid Inside

Gaynor Kane, Stalker

Tim Hanna, Talk in the Park

Teri Kelly, The Next Step

Ruth Powell, Blanket Street

Ellen McKenna, Snapshots

Rosemary Tumilty, Sunday Morning Mist

Sue Divin, Extract from Guard Your Heart

Henry Kloot, Gestation at the Station

Rachel Burns, An Encounter

Fionntan Macdonald, Marty

David Braziel, Borrowed Time

Pleased come and support the arts community in what we wholeheartedly hope is the post-pandemic recovery. Tickets are still limited (because of Covid precautions, but fingers crossed that will all change soon) so get yours here … quickly before they sell out.

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A big thank you to the Armagh County Museum for generously hosting the event in conjunction with an exhibition entitled ‘Street Strangers’ by the fabulous local photographer, Alistair Prentice on display from the beginning of January 2022.

Armagh County Museum is open for business and is always well worth a visit with plenty to see, with the added bonus of knowledgeable, helpful and friendly staff who are passionate about showing off their museum. Byddi Lee