Flash Fiction Armagh at the John Hewitt International Summer School

It is with great pleasure and a fair dollop of pride that we are announcing that Flash Fiction Armagh will be part of the John Hewitt International Summer School here in Armagh this summer. The festival runs from Monday 24th July 2023 to Saturday 29th July 2023 and the Flash Fiction Armagh event takes place on Friday 28th July at 7 pm in the Marketplace Theatre. This is a showcase event with readers chosen from those who have already read over the last four years, and we are delighted to welcome back the following readers, (in no particular order):

Rachel Toner reading Not a Child of the Troubles
Gaynor Cane reading Stalker
Tim Hanna reading The birds
Rosemary Tumilty reading Ode to a Mother
Marion Mc Dowell reading Take That, Come Free
Ellen Mc Kenna reading Cast Adrift
Mark Brownlee reading Nolan’s Secret
James Simson reading Themuns
Amy Elkheart reading Dog Eat Dog
Gerry McCullough reading Not Quite Dead

Line-up for FFA at the JHSS

Tickets are £8 and available at the Marketplace Theatre Armagh. If you are a bursary student your ticket is included in the bursary. The closing date for application for the ABC council bursaries is tomorrow 16th June 2023, so don’t delay!

The John Hewitt International Summer School is a fabulous week for writers, readers and for Armagh in general. We love to welcome artists and students from all over and see them enjoy our wee city. It’s a special time, and I’ve forged some very valuable friendships in past years, so I’m looking forward to making new friends and reconnecting with old ones again.

There’s a launch in Armagh on Wednesday 21 June 2023 at 4 pm and all are welcome to join us.

We have a new Flash Fiction Armagh Facebook page too, which we’ll use to keep people updated on open calls and events. Here’s the link – please like and follow us.

At the moment, we have an open call for our Flash Fiction in Long Meadow Cider as part of the Armagh Food and Cider Festival on 7th September 2023 at 7 pm. The submission deadline is 1st August 2023. Email submissions to [email protected] with ‘Flash Fiction Armagh’ in the subject title. For more information check out our webpage.

So all in all an exciting summer ahead for Flash Fiction Armagh. Hope you have a good summer too.

Byddi Lee